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Approved Online Course


After you complete the enrollment, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail to notify you that it has been received by our system and your enrollment is complete.

30-Hour Online Classroom and Driving

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Sometimes we send classroom updates and notifications of cancellation and other important messages via e-mail. Please make sure that the e-mail you enrolled with here is one that you check often!  

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Now you can get your online classroom and behind-the-wheel sessions all in one convenient package. It works just like our other classroom packages, except for your online course, you can log in and take your class from anywhere at any time! When you're finished, you'll be eligible to start your behind-the-wheels with us right away. We offer the following options, one that includes all your needed behind-the-wheel and observation hours, and one that includes just the online course only, in case you need to complete your behind-the-wheels at a later date or are not located close enough to do that with us.

About the Course

Upon registering for your package, you will be officially enrolled with Cruisin Safely and automatically enrolled in the online class. Jeff Houts, owner of Cruisin Safely, has developed  a new platform set to offer web-based driver education and related content, to partner with and develop our very own online course using our classroom content and expertise to deliver you the same information you will find in our physical classrooms.

How and When to Begin

In addition to our enrollment confirmation e-mail, you will receive an additional welcome e-mail for the online course that will instruct you to confirm your email address and set up your password to access the course. After confirming your e-mail address and setting up your password, you may log in from then on at any time to complete your course lessons.


Please note that the link in your welcome email will expire, so please take the time to set up your account completely as soon as possible (you can always do a password reset to complete the process at a later time if it does expire).

How the Course is Presented

The course is divided into 30 lessons, each 1 hour in length (you may complete up to two lessons/2 hours in a single day, as mandated by state regulations), with a test at the end of each lesson. You must pass the test to complete the lesson and move on to the next. Once all lessons have been completed, you will also be presented with a final test, which must be completed and passed to complete the entire course.

When You Finish

Upon completing your online class, contact us immediately for next steps to register for behind-the-wheel (if you have purchased the Online Only package, you may go to another driving school to complete this if you are unable to continue with us). If you purchased the Complete Online package, your 6 hours of behind-the-wheel and 6 hours of observation are already included in your purchase, otherwise you will have to purchase those separately from us if you purchased the Online Only package.

After following registration instructions, you will receive an email notification and you can begin your 30 hour online classroom.

Click here to enroll in 30 HR Online Classroom and Driving

Please Note: You have 90 days from the day you enroll to complete the classes. A $30 fee will be assesed for an extension.

You will automatically receive a button on your Dashbord once class has expired.


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