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The Only Driving School You Need

You've just found the best reviewed driving school in the Fox Valley! Our services include:

  • A variety of classroom, online, and behind-the-wheel course packages

  • 24/7 Online scheduling

  • Unique, interactive instruction methods

  • Fun and entertaining environment


Our goal is to provide you with enough information in our classrooms and/or behind the wheel that you or your teen not only obtain a driver's license, but also practice safe driving habits for the rest of their life.


Call this number to set up an appointment to meet & gather materials and discuss details.

Sign up for driver's education and get your license fast

You can choose either 30 hrs Online Classroom or 10 hrs Classroom with fun, interactive activities + 20 hrs Online Classroom. Rest assured, we'll make sure you learn all driving rules and regulations before getting behind the wheel. Your personal classroom sessions are taught at our convenient location in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Once you have your permit, you are now prepared to take the Behind the Wheel training.

Anytime after turning 15½ and when beginning the classroom, you can take a short exam at the DMV to get your permit.

Course pricing

Cruisin Safely will transport students for behind-the-wheel instruction.



Behind the Wheel information

In order to start behind-the-wheel training, you must have your temporary state driver's permit or temps.


Once you have obtained the MV3001 form - signed by us for your temps, you must take your temps test within 60 days.


Driving instruction includes six one-hour behind-the-wheel sessions and six observation hours required by Wisconsin state law. During one hour of each session, you will be in the driver's seat, learning first-hand the ins and outs of the road. The other hour of each session will be spent observing another student driver. Cruisin' Safely will transport students for behind-the-wheel instruction, within a reasonable distance as determined by us.

(pay cash or check at the office at time of registration)

Student Parking

• 10 hrs Interactive Classroom + 20 hrs Online Classroom + 6 hrs obs + 6 hrs drivng (Hybrid)

•  30 hrs Online Classroom Only



•  30 hrs Online Classroom + 6 hrs obs + 6 hrs driving


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•  Behind the Wheel Only


•  Hourly Behind the Wheel


•  Car rental for road test


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